What Are The Best Ways To Save On Beauty Products

Have you ever been lucky enough to be in a department store when they are giving out free samples of the latest new beauty products? I don’t mean tiny little throw away things that they give you to test, I mean proper full sized product that you can take home completely free of charge. It is a great feeling, and even if you do not think that the new product is amazing, it is still very nice to get something with out having to pay.

Well, sadly we can’t all get things like that all of the time, but there are a few ways that we can maybe get a little money of here and there when you are buying new make-up, beauty creams, cosmetics and other beauty products. Try a few of these, and see if you can save a few pounds next time you go shopping.


Try In-store, Buy Online

This is my motto, and it is something that I definitely always try to do. When you are buying online, you have no real idea about the shades and textures of the products that you are ordering, so the best way to find out whet they are actually like is to head down to the local shop and try them out. If course, I have no intention at all of paying the higher prices that department stores frequently charge, so I make a note of the products that I like and I head straight home to get on the Internet. Online prices are a lot cheaper for cosmetics and there are loads of places that you can pick up some cool bargains. I might feel slightly guilty occasionally for wasting the department stores time, but that feeling soon goes away when my lovely new cosmetics turn up, especially since I bought them for less.

Cosmetics Counter

It’s Coupon Time Ladies

Yes, I know coupons are a bit naff, and those people who queue up at supermarkets with hundreds of them in their hands just to get a few pence off are really annoying, but here I am actually talking about online coupons. When you shop at just about any store you can get coupon codes which give you money off whatever you are buying. I love the feeling that I get when I see the price in the shopping cart go down as soon as you click the magic button. Probably my favourite website for finding codes right now is Fliggo, a uk based voucher code site.

Sign Up For Special Offers

Most stores try and collect your email when you buy something from them, and normally I don’t give them my email address. However, last week I had a change of heart and decided to give in, after all, what harm could it do? Well, to my surprise a few days later, I got an email through from them offering me 50% (yes 50%) off the price of my next shop there. It just goes to show that signing up for these newsletters can really be beneficial sometimes.