Men: What Shaving Products Are Right For Your Skin?

Most men do not pay much attention to their grooming habits, and when it comes to shaving it is frequently a case of getting the job done as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The problem is that by doing this, many men could be damaging their skin and end up with long lasting problems. It is important that you choose your razors carefully as well as any oils, balms and creams that you use when you are undertaking your daily shaving routine, as they will have a big impact on your skin.

Choosing a Razor

Many men opt for an electric razor which normally does not require and cream during the shave, although certain models are available which do produce moisturiser of you. If you are using an electric regularly, it is important to make sure that you skin is moisturised fully before you apply any aftershave or other balms.

For those using a real razor, there are a few options to consider. Firstly, do you opt for disposable ones or more expensive ones where you replace the blades. Disposable razors such as the ones made by Bic, are fairly cheap, although you can normally only get one good shave from each blade before it quickly starts to go blunt.

Replaceable blades tend to be better manufactured and so they will last a little longer, although the cost can add up to a lot more than with disposable ones.

One major thing to think carefully about when yo are choosing which type to go for is the sensitivity of your skin. If you are prone to leaving your stubble to grow for a few days, you may find that using a cheap disposable razor causes rashing on your face which may take a few hours to disappear. Also, with longer stubble, you are more likely to cut yourself whilst shaving, and this is always best avoided if possible.


Moisturiser For Men

Although a lot more men have started to use moisturiser these days, there are still a lot that have never even thought about it. If you want to look after you skin and make sure that you do not age prematurely, it is very important to apply creams every time you shave , and even on days when you skip it. Leaving your skin dry is never good for it, and there are plenty of great products available in every supermarket, so there really is no excuse.


Aftershave is a very personal preference, and often men will pick a brand and stay with it for life. Unlike women, most men do not want to try out lots of different scents, and some men prefer not to wear any at all. If you do your an aftershave, make sure that you apply it sparingly, as it too can sometimes have an adverse reaction with the skin if you are not careful. If you are worried about any reactions that your skin might have , it is a good idea to visit a department store where they have staff trained to give professional advice on the matter.