Five Iconic Beauty Brands

The beauty industry is nearly as old as time, and more recently during the last hundred years we have had some iconic brands which have changed the way the we look at beauty products forever. A lot of these world leaders in the industry are still around today and making innovations in cosmetics, but only time will tell which new brands will stand along side the master in years to come. Here are five of the most iconic beauty brands of the last hundred years, in our opinion any way.


When Marilyn Monroe famously said that the only thing that she wore in bed was Chanel No.5, little did she realise how often that quote would be repeated though time. That one comment did more of Coco Chanel than any other kind of marketing or advertising could have ever done. Chanel is a world leader when in comes to perfume and as a beauty brand you would have to go a long way to top them.

Estee Lauder

US based cosmetics company Estee Lauder are known the world over, and millions of women swear by their products. The founder of the company who it is named after was the daughter of a Hungarian chemist and so from an early age she had a keen interest in developing facial creams and other beauty products. If only her father would have known just how famous his daughter was to become the world over.



German based company Nivea may not produce the most expensive creams and beauty products that you can buy, but they are iconic simply for how wide spread their products have become. There can not be many women in the western world who haven’t at some point used a Nivea product. The reason for this is simple, they are good, affordable and they work. What more can you want from an iconic beauty brand?


Dove is another surprise entry on this list, mainly because you would not normally associate them with being an iconic brand. Their key focus is creating simple and pure products, free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, and for this alone we believe that they deserve the title of icons. Their soap products are used all over the world, and like Nivea it is simple down to their quality that they get the reputation which they have.

Max Factor

When it comes to make-up, no one really does it any better than Max Factor. The brand is well known all over the world, and there can’t be many of us in the UK who haven’t as some point tried out their cosmetics. Although not overly expensive, Max Factor products, do have a quality feel to them and with such a diverse range of products, you can’t really go wrong.